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Covid-19 Sanitation Procedures

NorthStar Tavern

With the ever-evolving situation surrounding the COVID-19 virus and growing response, NorthStar Tavern has to evolve with the information that is becoming available. In order to make NorthStar Tavern a safe environment for guests, as well as staff, the following procedures will be implemented for overall risk mitigation and sanitation protocol.

Risk Mitigation:

- Staff members are required to fill out a health screening questionnaire and record their temperature at the time of entry in to the restaurant. These recordings and questionnaires will be kept in a Health Log Book.

- Any employee who has a fever, or appears sick, lethargic, unkempt or otherwise unfit for work will not be permitted to work, and the ON CALL will be utilized.

- If an employee becomes sick during shift, management will immediately remove the ill employee, as to not spread the source of illness.

- If staff notice a guest is exhibiting signs of COVID-19, they will immediately notify management, who will assess the situation and remove the party in question with no delay or scene, if necessary.

- Masks will be worn at all times by staff members. Guests must wear masks when proceeding and departing to and from their table. Guests are encouraged to wear masks when not actively eating or drinking while at their table.

Sanitation Protocol

- All touchable surfaces (phones, tablets, chairs, tables, booths, door handles, windows, POS screens, check presenters, etc) will be sanitized with our Peroxide Multi-Surface Cleaner and Disinfectant, which has been proven effective against the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) family.

- Staff members will frequently wash hands and use hand sanitizer at the stations provided around the restaurant.

- Hand Sanitizer will be out for guests to utilize upon entering and exiting the restaurant.

- Staff will refrain from using personal devices (personal phones, personal tablets, etc) unless properly sanitized and are using for work purposes (IE: taking a reservation though HostMe while our host is using the work tablet)

- Management will repeatedly perform cleanliness and sanitation checks of frequented spaces for cleanliness and supply stock (Bathrooms, entryways, high traffic areas)

- Hand washing by staff members, even during downtime, will be encouraged and enforced. Guests are encouraged to wash their hands before and after eating, drinking and leaving the restaurant.

- At periodic increments during the day, all tables, booths, chairs, bartops, barstools, and children’s equipment will be sanitized, regardless of last use, by an employee using the Peroxide Multi-Surface Cleaner and Disinfectant.

- To-Go / Curbside employees will sanitize all check presenters, pens, returned gift cards and any other items a guest may use during a To-Go / Curbside transaction.

- To-Go / Curbside employees are encouraged to use hand sanitizer frequently, especially after handling money, customer credit / debit cards, gift cards and the like. Likewise, any opportunity to wash hands should be taken.

- This is not an all-inclusive list, and as the situation changes, new data is released and better procedures are developed, NorthStar Tavern will update and implement changes to best suit the safety of our guests, and our staff.